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Converting Colors Site Sponsor - All Sub Pages Sidebar Ad

Andreas Zettl
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To advertise in the sidebar of all Converting Colors subpages, please book a sponsorship here. There are only two slots available, so for the duration of your subscription, your ad will be shown in the sidebar of all subpages. As a sample, please check the current ad on the website.

Your ad will be seen by all visitors who are not subscribed to the Converting Colors Membership options. At the time of writing, the membership has 45 members.

You can have a look at the statistics of the website before subscribing.

After subscribing, please send me your image (300 x 250, allowed formats jpg, png, or gif) and link to info@convertingcolors.com. Please use the same email address you used to subscribe to verify you subscribed to this plan.

Depending on how long I take (max. seven days) to add your ad to the website, I will add this time once you choose to cancel your subscription.

Please be aware that I will not allow ads for porn or other inappropriate content. If I choose to deny your ad, your subscription will be canceled and the money refunded. You can contact me on the mail above before subscribing to ensure your ad is ok.

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Converting Colors Site Sponsor - All Sub Pages Sidebar Ad

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